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About Holleen

Holleen Fitness

I’m Holleen, a mum on the wrong side of 40 (apparently!) running my own fitness business which I have designed to inspire and support people who want to get fitter, stay fit and feel good about themselves.

I recognise how we feel about ourselves can ultimately affect how we feel about our life in general.

Throughout my adult life I have always had a passion for fitness and loved the fact that exercise has always made me feel better, work smarter and embrace the emotional rollercoaster that life can throw at you!

I have worked in a multitude of industries, and at 24 began an exciting career as a flight attendant travelling around the world whilst always finding time to maintain my fitness and well-being.

Marriage and motherhood encouraged an exciting career change and an opportunity to pursue my enjoyment and love of fitness, I became a Personal Trainer.

Supporting people to love themselves, feel proud of their achievements and motivating people to do better, feel better and take control of their lives is extremely fulfilling.

The success of 1:1 personal training sessions led me to start outdoor Boot Camps, Metafit, Ricky Hatton boxing and Kettlercise classes for groups of people, who prefer working out in a class. Each class is designed to offer maximum results, burn calories, increase cardio fitness and provide measurable results.

In January 2018, I was offered the amazing opportunity to use the new modern studio at Kessons Physio which is fully equipped and air-conditioned.

Class times are designed to suit everyone, with weekday, Saturday, daytime and early evening classes.

I strongly believe exercise should be fun, friendly, really effective and always challenge you. After all, if you want results you need to work hard!

To join a class, you need to book online HERE.

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